Monday, 26 December 2011

An Unforgettable Event

It was shiny Sunday morning. I had a date with my colleagues Fatin Najla,Ayu Suliana, Shah Musliha and Fahana Fazlina. We had a special discussion. Our date was during lunch hour but I had prepared myself early. I could not sleep from yesterday because thinking about today. My heart exploded with joy to see all my friends. We were going to make our promises as a reality. I arrived at Magic Aroma Restaurant fifty minutes early. I did not order any food but only a cup of tea while waiting all my future business partners as well as my friend.
   I was still remembered that on the day I got a bad result for Biology. I knew that I was weak the subject but did not expect that I would fail it. I felt my heart was broken into glasses. Fatin, Ayu, Shah and Fahana also got the same result like me. I knew that they also felt same like me. Our world was going into pieces. So all of us got an attention from our Biology teacher, Miss Shuhada Maslina. She said that if at first you did not  succeed, try, try, and try again and success is a failure turned upside down. When she entered our class, she would call us and ask us to do the exercises that had been given at the teacher ‘s table in front of her. She taught us to do the exercise one by one. It made us easier to understand.
   One day, while the teacher taught us to do some exercise one of our classmates, Nur called the teacher to ask something. So, while the teacher went to her and we had some chit-chat. “I think I want to drop this paper,” I said it with anguished to them. “I am agreed with you Hajar,” said Ayu. I was so flabbergasted to hear it. I though it just playing around my mind. Fahana and Fatin also agreed by nodded their head. Shah wore a worried look. “You cannot talk like this. We must wake up from this unpleasant dream,” said Shah with infuriated and embittered. “ Wake up! Wake up! We can do it. Trust yourself. Every cloud has a silver lining. “said Shah full of high spirit. It caused us to feel be encouraged. So Shah, Fatin, Farhana, Ayu and I agreed that we would study hard and get the result with flying colour. Everyone wanted to be a doctor and became a partner to open our own clinic. We also had planned the name of the hospital. The hospital’s name is Fansuri Clinic. We really hoped that it would be a reality.
   From the day, all of us studied hard to make our fantasy become reality. We tried to improve all our weakness. We also tried to help each other. We would ask the teachers or our friends if we did not know something. We also changed our attitude from bad to good. We competed with each other to get the best result. The SPM examination was just around the corner. We did some study groups to discuss the hot and difficult topic. When the SPM examination came, we became more confidence to get through it. We had done our best and hoped we would get the good result. Three months later, When we knew that we would get the SPM result tomorrow. Many questions flooded our mind. Would we get the result with flying colours ? We went to the school together to take the result. Fatin, Ayu, Farhana and Shah get straight A but I just got B for biology. Both of us continued our study on medical course. They got an offer from overseas while I was the only one who continuing my study in this country.
   Now, when we had finished our studies and work at the same place for six years, we were going to make our promise become reality. We were on cloud nine and our heart exploded with joy when thinking about it because we had waiting the long time for it. Rome was not built in a day. It was a memorable and unforgettable event for me. “Hajar?  Hajar?” the voice was shocking me. “What are you doing? You had a day dreaming again? You had never changed. “said Aye with exasperated tone. I was just smile to see her and Shah. They would do everything together and had become a close friend since primary school. That was me, the queen of day dreaming. “Where Farhana and Fatin?” I asked them. “They will arrive in five minutes” answer Shah. “We are getting to make our dream as a reality. Fansuri Clinic ! Please wait for me” I monologued to myself.

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