Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Today I want to write about feast that I had attend.It was because many feast during this semester break.The feast was at Felda Besout,Trolak,Perak.I attend it with my friends name Aliah and Mazni.The feast was at Hashimah’s house.It was Kak Shimah’s married.I call her Kak Shima because she is older than me.We go there one day before the feast.We sleep at Kak Shima neighbour’s house that we call Mak Cik Timah.She is very nice.She treat us like her own daughter.We felt comfortable  there.At the night,we help Kak Shima to decorate the bride bedroom.We took about 5 hours to finish it.We slept about 3 a.m..The feast is full with happening.There are many people come to her house.The feast run smoothly.On the day,Kak Shimah brought my friend and I to around the Felda Besout to saw the situation there.We were very happy there.We stay at the Felda Besout for 3 days.

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