Saturday, 31 December 2011

my last holiday

Today is my last day at home.My holiday has arrive at the end.I felt very lazy to go to the college.We have classes on 1 January 2012.So,I make some preparation before come to the college.I’m happy because my mother cooks special dishes for me.My parents will sent me to the college.At the same time,I’m also worried about my father’s health.He was not really well but he will not show it to his child.But as a child I can fell that.My father’s cough was not fully recover.At the night I can heard my father cough become more worse.I’m felt very sorry with him.When I asked him about the cough that does not recover since 2 weeks ago,he just smile and told me not to be worried because it was a normal cough.I hope my father will get better soon…..
I will always pray for my parents.Love you very much mom and dad…  

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