Saturday, 31 December 2011


I don’t know when you are coming,
Early or late I’m not sure,
But I’m sure you will come,
Either beautiful or ugly,
Young or old,
Will feel death.

Your visit is sad for us,
If you come cres will be heard,
Wives will feel lonely,
Husbands lose spouses,
Children become orphans,
But we must be  patent,
And remember the death,
Is decided by ALLAH,
From Him we come,
And to Him we go back.

my last holiday

Today is my last day at home.My holiday has arrive at the end.I felt very lazy to go to the college.We have classes on 1 January 2012.So,I make some preparation before come to the college.I’m happy because my mother cooks special dishes for me.My parents will sent me to the college.At the same time,I’m also worried about my father’s health.He was not really well but he will not show it to his child.But as a child I can fell that.My father’s cough was not fully recover.At the night I can heard my father cough become more worse.I’m felt very sorry with him.When I asked him about the cough that does not recover since 2 weeks ago,he just smile and told me not to be worried because it was a normal cough.I hope my father will get better soon…..
I will always pray for my parents.Love you very much mom and dad…  

Friday, 30 December 2011

An Event That Has Made You Realize How Much Your Parents Love You

It was a shiny sunday morning. I felt very boring sitting at home and did not do anything. My parents always busy with their works although on weekends. I am the only child in my family. Sometimes I felt like my parents did not love me at all. My friends parents also work but they still have time for their family. That why I like to fill my time with my friends. I always invite my friends to come to my house. Sometimes they could not come to my house because they want to go to town. I want to go to town with my friends but my parents did not allow it. Maybe my parents think that I did not take care of myself.
   After finish our examination, my friends ask me to follow them to town. They want to relax their mind by doing window shopping and play some indoor games like bowling. I want to join them but I am sure that my parents will not give the permission if I ask about it. So I make a decision to go to the town with my friends without getting the permission from my parents but lies to my parents by telling them that I am going to my friends house for attended birthday party.
   We were promised to see at the bus stop nearby my house because there was more easier to get bus. I felt my heart exploded with joy and this was my first experienced using bus. It was Mara Liner bus. There were not many passengers in the bus. My friends without shamed make some noise in the bus. We take forty minutes to arrive at the town. We have to pay RM 2.80 each. The first thing we do is we went to the shopping complex. We do some window shopping. I use the money that I save for my future without thinking a lot. We go to the First Lady’s boutique because there was some discount.
   While looking for a suitable cloth, I saw some new novel at the Popular bookstore nearby the boutique. I told to my friends that I want to go there for a while and I went there alone. My friends refuse to go there because they want to ‘forgot’ about books for some times. There were many latest malay’s novel there. I try to get the novel title “Suratan atau Kebetulan” that written by my favourite writer Nabila Nabil. When I get the novel, the guy in front of me also try to get the same book. When we try to do the same action our hand was touched each other. Faster I am pulled my hand back. I do not know what to do. So I try to go out of the bookstore. I walk as fast as I could go to find my friends at the boutique.
   After a few minutes, I realize that the guy was followed me. It made me more frightened. I had butterflies in my stomach. He tried to call me. “Miss... Miss... Miss Lidya.” I heard that he call my name. How did he know my name??? Unfortunately, while thinking about it, I had collide a chair that put in front of the First Lady’s boutique and fall on the floor. The guy tried to help me but I refuse to accept it. It only bit pain. I stand up and sat at the chair. The guy sat beside me. I move my position by not sitting nearly him. He also made the same action after seeing my behaviour. “Miss Lidya... Why you ran away from me?” He start ask me question. I am just smile with his question because I do not have the suitable answer for him.
   “I am sorry if you shock with my action. My name is Akiff zamani bin Aki Mustafa,” he wanted to shake hands with me but cancel it after seeing a signal from me. ”My name Putri Yahanah Lidya bt Yahya. “I already know your name. You had spilled your purse at the bookstore. I had opened it to find out your name after seeing you trying to run away from me.” I felt embarrassed because thinking bad about him. “I am sorry for thinking bad about you” then I took my purse from him. Then we had some chat there. A few minutes later, my friends out from the boutique. I introduce Akiff to them. One of my friends whisper something to me. “Lidya. You can continue chat with your new friend,” then they go without waiting for me and giving me opportunity to go with them.
   Akiff just smile to me when my friends doing it to me. I do not have any choice accept walk with Akiff because I do not know the way here. Akiff brought me to a restaurant to have lunch. Akiff give the novel “Suratan atau Kebetulan” as a present for our new friendship. I astonished and overjoyed because the novel difficult to find. Akiff ask me to join him to his friend birthday party because he do not have couple. At first, I refuse it because the place not at the shopping complex at a karaoke centre. I agree when he show his earnest and promise that he would sent me to the bust stop before 4.00 p.m.. When we arrive at the place, he introduce me all his friends as his couple. I felt unease because all his friends look strange at me.
   When Akiff infatuated singing, one of his friends come near me. He try to do semething bad to me. I call Akiff but he could not hear me because the room was very noisy. I push his friend that trying to do something bad to me as strong as I can. Then the guy fall on the floor. I run out from the room and go anywhere that far from this place. I do not know what to do. So I just call my mother. My parents come and hugged me. They were happy to see me save. I thought that my parents would angry with me. Now I know that my parents love me so much.

Thursday, 29 December 2011


For a long time,
We have stayed together,
Sharing joys and tears,
Caring for each others,
Without any grumble,
I could remember vividly,
When one of us was in trouble,
We faced it together,
And never abandoned each other,
Even in jest or laughter,
When we are apart,
No matter how far,
All of you are always in my heart,
Gals,you’re so special,
Precious and rare like diamond,
I’ve  ever had in my life,
Thank you.....
Thank you for everything,
I love you all,
Till at the end of my life

My best Friend

Today I would like to write about my best friend at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Tiang.It was because I love them very much and now I feel very missed with them.Their name is Norsyuhaida Bt Abdul Shukor and Nurul Athirah Bt Jalaluddin.
Firstly,I would like to talk about Syuhaida.She lives at Kampung Baru that not far from the school.She come to the the with her auty.She choose to lives with her grandparents so that she can take care of her grandparents.Her mother works as a nurse at Hospital Sultanah Bahiyah,Alor Star while her father works as ferry’s driver.She has 5 sibling and she is the eldest.Two of them is boys and the others is girls.
I love to be friend with her because she is a kind,caring,determine,friendly,responsibility and always make everyone around her felt happy.She will never show the sadness that she felt to her friend.But as a fried I know when she happy and not.
She will register as a nurse at Kuala Terengganu on 3 January 2011.She got the position from Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam(SPA).Before this she studies at Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah(KMK) but she prefer to go for SPA compare to KMK.SPA will make our future more bright.I hope that she will always happy and success in whatever she’s doing.I always pray the best for her.
Then I would like to write about Athira.Most of her friend call her T-Are but in the family she was called Kak Cik.She lives at Tapak keda that located in front of our school.My friend and I love to go to her house before go to the school.Her mother is a housewife while her father is a teacher.Her mother was very sporting and love to talk with us.Her father also know us and love to help us when we are in need.T-Are have 4 sibling and she is the third.She has two sister and one youngest brother.
Now,she is study at Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah.I love to friend with her because she is kind,patient,caring,loving and determine person.She also a “unique friend”.Do you know why I’m said like that?It was because it will blame herself if something happen and it make the friendship being apart.But the reality is not.When we are not together doing something or anything it does not mean that our friendship being apart but it will make the friendship being more strengthen.It was because we will miss the time that we are together and the sweet  memory of us.
That all that I can share with you all this time.I hope I can see u again next time.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Journey

Tomorrow, tomorrow  and after tomorrow
There is still a journey
The journey that never ending
Together with our life
Our mind
Our stand and others

The journey
That always continuous
That never failed to entertain us
As a human, and as a Muslim

Just remember
The journey of this life is not easy as ABC

One thing for sure
Be the best
Beat the rest
“We are the best among the best”

Our country

This time I would like to talk about Palestine.I felt like I have to talk about this because I have to do presentation about “If I have 1 Million”.I set in my mind  to donate some of the money for the benefit of the citizen Palestin.We should help them because they were being discriminate by our enemy that is Israel.The citizen of Palestine is also a muslim like us.we should help them as much as we can.They really need us to help them.The muslim there will do anything to make sure that their country will be save.Eventhoughsome of them were just child and the old people.Can we do that?I’m hope that we are willing to do that to our country to make sure that or country will be always a safe country. 

Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Falling In Love – Siti Nurhaliza

Once in a life time
An angel sweeps you off your feet
And everything I’m about
Disappears before my eyes
You’re taking me higher when I hear you speak to me
It feels so familiar that I’m caught up in this fantasy

Now I can’t seem to fight myself
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind
Oh I think I’m falling, I’m falling
And I can’t stop falling, I’m falling in love with you

When I look into your eyes
I see your love that comforts me
Every now when I go to sleep
I wait to see you in my dreams
You’re taking me higher
When I hear you say my name
I’m trying to tell you
That I never want to let you go

Now I can’t seem to fight myself
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind
Oh I think I’m falling, I’m falling
And I can’t stop falling, I’m falling in love with you

Over and over again
It plays out in my mind, I can see it clearly
You’ve given me something new to believe in
Come take me away
Oohhh (Come take me away)
Come take me away
Away (Come take me away)
Away, away

Now I can’t seem to fight myself
Oh I can’t seem to ease my mind
Oh I think I’m falling, I’m falling
And I can’t stop falling, I’m falling in love with you

I’m falling in love

Love love.. with you..


Today I want to write about feast that I had attend.It was because many feast during this semester break.The feast was at Felda Besout,Trolak,Perak.I attend it with my friends name Aliah and Mazni.The feast was at Hashimah’s house.It was Kak Shimah’s married.I call her Kak Shima because she is older than me.We go there one day before the feast.We sleep at Kak Shima neighbour’s house that we call Mak Cik Timah.She is very nice.She treat us like her own daughter.We felt comfortable  there.At the night,we help Kak Shima to decorate the bride bedroom.We took about 5 hours to finish it.We slept about 3 a.m..The feast is full with happening.There are many people come to her house.The feast run smoothly.On the day,Kak Shimah brought my friend and I to around the Felda Besout to saw the situation there.We were very happy there.We stay at the Felda Besout for 3 days.

Monday, 26 December 2011

An Unforgettable Event

It was shiny Sunday morning. I had a date with my colleagues Fatin Najla,Ayu Suliana, Shah Musliha and Fahana Fazlina. We had a special discussion. Our date was during lunch hour but I had prepared myself early. I could not sleep from yesterday because thinking about today. My heart exploded with joy to see all my friends. We were going to make our promises as a reality. I arrived at Magic Aroma Restaurant fifty minutes early. I did not order any food but only a cup of tea while waiting all my future business partners as well as my friend.
   I was still remembered that on the day I got a bad result for Biology. I knew that I was weak the subject but did not expect that I would fail it. I felt my heart was broken into glasses. Fatin, Ayu, Shah and Fahana also got the same result like me. I knew that they also felt same like me. Our world was going into pieces. So all of us got an attention from our Biology teacher, Miss Shuhada Maslina. She said that if at first you did not  succeed, try, try, and try again and success is a failure turned upside down. When she entered our class, she would call us and ask us to do the exercises that had been given at the teacher ‘s table in front of her. She taught us to do the exercise one by one. It made us easier to understand.
   One day, while the teacher taught us to do some exercise one of our classmates, Nur called the teacher to ask something. So, while the teacher went to her and we had some chit-chat. “I think I want to drop this paper,” I said it with anguished to them. “I am agreed with you Hajar,” said Ayu. I was so flabbergasted to hear it. I though it just playing around my mind. Fahana and Fatin also agreed by nodded their head. Shah wore a worried look. “You cannot talk like this. We must wake up from this unpleasant dream,” said Shah with infuriated and embittered. “ Wake up! Wake up! We can do it. Trust yourself. Every cloud has a silver lining. “said Shah full of high spirit. It caused us to feel be encouraged. So Shah, Fatin, Farhana, Ayu and I agreed that we would study hard and get the result with flying colour. Everyone wanted to be a doctor and became a partner to open our own clinic. We also had planned the name of the hospital. The hospital’s name is Fansuri Clinic. We really hoped that it would be a reality.
   From the day, all of us studied hard to make our fantasy become reality. We tried to improve all our weakness. We also tried to help each other. We would ask the teachers or our friends if we did not know something. We also changed our attitude from bad to good. We competed with each other to get the best result. The SPM examination was just around the corner. We did some study groups to discuss the hot and difficult topic. When the SPM examination came, we became more confidence to get through it. We had done our best and hoped we would get the good result. Three months later, When we knew that we would get the SPM result tomorrow. Many questions flooded our mind. Would we get the result with flying colours ? We went to the school together to take the result. Fatin, Ayu, Farhana and Shah get straight A but I just got B for biology. Both of us continued our study on medical course. They got an offer from overseas while I was the only one who continuing my study in this country.
   Now, when we had finished our studies and work at the same place for six years, we were going to make our promise become reality. We were on cloud nine and our heart exploded with joy when thinking about it because we had waiting the long time for it. Rome was not built in a day. It was a memorable and unforgettable event for me. “Hajar?  Hajar?” the voice was shocking me. “What are you doing? You had a day dreaming again? You had never changed. “said Aye with exasperated tone. I was just smile to see her and Shah. They would do everything together and had become a close friend since primary school. That was me, the queen of day dreaming. “Where Farhana and Fatin?” I asked them. “They will arrive in five minutes” answer Shah. “We are getting to make our dream as a reality. Fansuri Clinic ! Please wait for me” I monologued to myself.

Sunday, 25 December 2011

My day

There is no feast today.Most people usually do the feast during weekend like yesterday and the day before yesterday.We had to attend 3 feast each day.It a good thing to attend the feast because during the feast I can meet some of my friend.

Today I follow my father to rubber plantation.I saw some Burma and Thailand people rubber tapping the tree.They can do it from the bottom of the tree until the top of the tree.If Malaysian people they only do at the bottom of the tree.They do not know how to do at the top of the tree.It was very difficult to do that.

My Idol

You are my idol,
Sincere from my heart,
That I ever forget,
This memory ever after.

So painful to endure,
That moment,
9 months of taking care,
To protect me in your womb.
As I was born,
I heard a nice voice,
Called ‘Azan’.Day and night,
You keep your eyes on me,
Be the best mother as you can,
Taking good care of me,
Till I fully grow-up.

You are my idol,
You are also my hopes,
What ever happens,
My LOVE for you,
Will last forever.

Saturday, 24 December 2011

just share

To get a charming, recite oral words of kindness.
To get a lovely eyes, seek out the good in every employee.
To get an IDEAL body shape, berkongsilah food with those who HUNGER and those who NEED ...
To gain confidence, walk with education ... 
> > >  Education is important ...

The success


The day before yesterday the PMR result was announce.All my village talk about the result of Hadi Darus.He is the student at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Sungai Tiang.He was a OKU student but he can get 9A in PMR.The news was shown at all Malaysian television.It was a good news that should be shown because it can be the role model to the other student. He is a good student there.All the teacher love him very much.He will do all the exercise that given by the teacher.The teacher very proud of him because he has make the school and the teacher become well-known.He will not disappointed his parent.So,he study hard to make his parent happy and proud of him although he is not like the other.All the villagers proud of him very much.
There are two people get 9A.The other student is Siti Aisyah Bt Abu Bakar.I know her very much because her cousins is my friend.She is very hardworking and she love to help her friend if they don’t know about the studies.She is a good student and all the teacher love him very much.Some of the student get 8A.Two of them is twin which it is my teacher daughter name Aisyah and Asyikin.They was expected to get it.They deserve to get it because they was very hardworking in doing their work.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Friends are......

Mum said, friends are like 'maggie'
Ate it when it was needed only.

Father said, friends are like biscuits
Sometimes it was there,and sometimes it wasn't

Grandpa said, friends are like Astro,
Everything was there

But for me whatever friends were
You will always be my best friends forever.......


The first thing I am doing when I arrive at my home yesterday is ate durian......yummmm......
Today,I am starting my day by eating the durian.....
All about durian.....
I love durian very much