Friday, 30 December 2011

An Event That Has Made You Realize How Much Your Parents Love You

It was a shiny sunday morning. I felt very boring sitting at home and did not do anything. My parents always busy with their works although on weekends. I am the only child in my family. Sometimes I felt like my parents did not love me at all. My friends parents also work but they still have time for their family. That why I like to fill my time with my friends. I always invite my friends to come to my house. Sometimes they could not come to my house because they want to go to town. I want to go to town with my friends but my parents did not allow it. Maybe my parents think that I did not take care of myself.
   After finish our examination, my friends ask me to follow them to town. They want to relax their mind by doing window shopping and play some indoor games like bowling. I want to join them but I am sure that my parents will not give the permission if I ask about it. So I make a decision to go to the town with my friends without getting the permission from my parents but lies to my parents by telling them that I am going to my friends house for attended birthday party.
   We were promised to see at the bus stop nearby my house because there was more easier to get bus. I felt my heart exploded with joy and this was my first experienced using bus. It was Mara Liner bus. There were not many passengers in the bus. My friends without shamed make some noise in the bus. We take forty minutes to arrive at the town. We have to pay RM 2.80 each. The first thing we do is we went to the shopping complex. We do some window shopping. I use the money that I save for my future without thinking a lot. We go to the First Lady’s boutique because there was some discount.
   While looking for a suitable cloth, I saw some new novel at the Popular bookstore nearby the boutique. I told to my friends that I want to go there for a while and I went there alone. My friends refuse to go there because they want to ‘forgot’ about books for some times. There were many latest malay’s novel there. I try to get the novel title “Suratan atau Kebetulan” that written by my favourite writer Nabila Nabil. When I get the novel, the guy in front of me also try to get the same book. When we try to do the same action our hand was touched each other. Faster I am pulled my hand back. I do not know what to do. So I try to go out of the bookstore. I walk as fast as I could go to find my friends at the boutique.
   After a few minutes, I realize that the guy was followed me. It made me more frightened. I had butterflies in my stomach. He tried to call me. “Miss... Miss... Miss Lidya.” I heard that he call my name. How did he know my name??? Unfortunately, while thinking about it, I had collide a chair that put in front of the First Lady’s boutique and fall on the floor. The guy tried to help me but I refuse to accept it. It only bit pain. I stand up and sat at the chair. The guy sat beside me. I move my position by not sitting nearly him. He also made the same action after seeing my behaviour. “Miss Lidya... Why you ran away from me?” He start ask me question. I am just smile with his question because I do not have the suitable answer for him.
   “I am sorry if you shock with my action. My name is Akiff zamani bin Aki Mustafa,” he wanted to shake hands with me but cancel it after seeing a signal from me. ”My name Putri Yahanah Lidya bt Yahya. “I already know your name. You had spilled your purse at the bookstore. I had opened it to find out your name after seeing you trying to run away from me.” I felt embarrassed because thinking bad about him. “I am sorry for thinking bad about you” then I took my purse from him. Then we had some chat there. A few minutes later, my friends out from the boutique. I introduce Akiff to them. One of my friends whisper something to me. “Lidya. You can continue chat with your new friend,” then they go without waiting for me and giving me opportunity to go with them.
   Akiff just smile to me when my friends doing it to me. I do not have any choice accept walk with Akiff because I do not know the way here. Akiff brought me to a restaurant to have lunch. Akiff give the novel “Suratan atau Kebetulan” as a present for our new friendship. I astonished and overjoyed because the novel difficult to find. Akiff ask me to join him to his friend birthday party because he do not have couple. At first, I refuse it because the place not at the shopping complex at a karaoke centre. I agree when he show his earnest and promise that he would sent me to the bust stop before 4.00 p.m.. When we arrive at the place, he introduce me all his friends as his couple. I felt unease because all his friends look strange at me.
   When Akiff infatuated singing, one of his friends come near me. He try to do semething bad to me. I call Akiff but he could not hear me because the room was very noisy. I push his friend that trying to do something bad to me as strong as I can. Then the guy fall on the floor. I run out from the room and go anywhere that far from this place. I do not know what to do. So I just call my mother. My parents come and hugged me. They were happy to see me save. I thought that my parents would angry with me. Now I know that my parents love me so much.

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